Eligibility Requirements

To determine eligibility for the program, Medicaid will look at the following:

♦  Income
♦  Legal U.S. residency
♦  Asset Limit (Bank Accounts, vehicles, 2nd house*)
* The home a family lives in is exempt.

Retroactive Coverage

Medicaid might pay for services up to 90 days prior to the date of application.

Spend Down

Under some programs, some clients might qualify for the Spend down program.  Spend down is a way for the client to participate in Medicaid even though their income exceeds the program’s income limit.  Paying cash or submitting past medical bills will help you participate in the Spend down program.


♦  Physician Visit
♦  Emergency care
♦  Hospital
♦  Labs and radiology
♦  Vision services
♦  Dental
♦  Pharmacy
♦  Mental Health
♦  Transportation
♦  Family planning
♦  Physical Therapy


Free or low-cost health coverage

Through the Bureau of Eligibility Services, we have a Medicaid Eligibility Worker on site Monday through Thursday who speaks English and Spanish.  His office is located at the St. George clinic.  He determines eligibility for Medicaid programs (family, aged, disability) as well as CHIP and PCN eligibility.  He does not determine food stamp eligibility.  For more information, call Steve at 435-879-5120.